South Sudan’s Next Champions

By December 27, 2017Success Stories

Garang Kuot and Ador Athuai were born in South Sudan, a country wracked by civil war since the 1950s. It is one of the poorest, and most violent places to live on earth. One of the few inspirations to Sudanese children has been the success of Maute Bol, ex NBA player and the 2nd tallest player in NBA history, and current LA Laker, Luol Deng.

Garang and Ador started playing on dirt patch courts with bent iron homemade hoops in their village. At the age of 14 they moved to the capital city, Juba, to go to their first school and trained on the only cement court in the country. In 2014 they met Jacob during a basketball camp that he organized.

Shortly afterwards, Jacob helped the boys get basketball scholarships to a prep school in Sarasota, Florida called Impact Basketball Academy. They played their freshman and sophomore years, finishing their second year with improved grades and language skills.

Currently the boys are looking to come to Taft High school which gives them the chance to play on a bigger stage in Los Angeles. They hope to continue their studies, and ultimately get a Division 1 basketball scholarship.

Both boys wish to attend Duke University to study international business, and one day to make it to the NBA, just like their idols did. In order for the boys to get this opportunity, the foundation is raising money to cover their expenses and help them live in LA for the next 2 years. 100% of the money raised goes towards paying for their room and board with a host family, text books, school uniforms and transportation.

Garang and Ador are shining examples of the transformative power of hard work, sporting dedication and Western education. We are very proud of their success, and we will follow their story as they continue their journey.