Eco-Friendly Basketball Academy

By December 27, 2017Projects

To take the camps and facilities we build to the next level, we are pioneering a new, eco-friendly approach which blends a first rate basketball academy, formal academic teaching, environmentally sound building techniques and promotion of sustainable agriculture.

Created from sustainable, second use materials such as shipping containers, and donated materials from other schools, stadiums and projects, each academy will be self-sufficient and set up for off grid living. Using solar panels to power lights and fixtures, we are building each one to have a minimal environmental footprint.

The academies will have a mini-school with classrooms, living quarters for the kids, and a basketball court. We aim to partner with local schools who would handle the academic side of each project, while we manage the basketball and sporting side.

Crucially, sustainability isn’t just about the building itself. It’s about inspiring and teaching the kids about sustainable agriculture, and giving them skills which can help them and their communities for life.

We are assessing sites in the Philippines, South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia, as we believe these countries would benefit most from this new approach.

We are looking to get a network of benefactors involved, contributing time and resources to make this sustainable dream a reality. We have drawn up plans and schematics and are working towards beginning the first installations soon. For further information, please contact us.